About Me


Since I was 17 years, I was confident that I wanted to empower young people and create my own businesses. Fortunately, for over 20 years that is what my life has been about. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I attended the Milwaukee Public Schools growing up and graduated from Washington High School. Go Purgolders! Shortly thereafter, I attended Marquette University, however in my second year I decided to transfer to my dream school: Hampton University in Hampton, VA. It is there that I enrolled in the 5 Year MBA Program where I completed my Bachelors of Arts in Management and Masters in Business Administration. Shortly after graduation, my friends and I started Signature Dance Company in Milwaukee, WI. Signature Dance Company has been a huge part of my life as we use the art of dance and spiritual growth to change the lives of girls and young women. Insert shameless plug, check out our website

Now back to the bio. While getting a dance company off the ground, I began to figure out where I wanted to fit in the non-profit world of work. I began as an elementary school teacher, and quickly decided that the classroom was not the best fit for me! However, while volunteering at my church’s youth ministry, I found that facilitating supplemental education material was a better fit. From that point on, I worked with numerous programs facilitating curriculum and creating programs for high school students to fill the gap between academics, life skills, personal growth, and leadership development topics. I started my work as a Program Coordinator at PEARLS for Teen Girls in Milwaukee, where I facilitated self-discovery programming and college and career exploration.

After a few years, I went back to school full-time and completed my second Bachelors of Art degree. This time in dance! Upon graduating, I continued to work with my dance company, while also spending time as a college adviser, manager of a financial literacy organization, and a coach for a career development organization. It was during this time that I began to see the gaps in personal and professional growth among young people AND working adults, especially those that worked with youth. Most adults working with young people are awesome, but burnt out OR not in the right positions. It was at that point that I realized that I was called to not only help young people discover themselves, but adults as well!

We start off our young adult life thinking we know it all, and for some of us we suddenly discover that we really haven't quite figured out what we want. By then, we have "adulted" so much that we don't have the time to think about ourselves. I desire to provide that gift to all that are willing to receive it through my life's work: creating space to think!  I am an empowerment speaker and professional coach that ignites people to reach their fullest potential through providing personal growth tools and strategies with energy and accountability.

In addition to my education and experience, I am certified in life and leadership coaching from the Academy of Creative Coaching and a Master Graduate from Rapport Leadership International. 

When spare time exists, I enjoy making memories with my family, friends, and mentees, specfically over brunch! I laugh often and love easily. Other random things include my favorite color is green, I like to say "cool beans," and I bake the Best Cookies Ever Made!