I Quit!

About two weeks and one day, I did what I usually don't advise people to do: I left my job without a job! Scary, I know. I am very much one to say, "Don't you leave your job without another job!" However, in this case I will say, this time I was the exception to that very valid rule:)

There are times when it is necessary to take a risk in life or you risk MISSING YOUR LIFE. If I had stayed in my previous position, as much as I enjoyed the work, I would have risk MISSING MY LIFE. Not that my life would not have been great. I believe I would have turned out fine, but here's the thing: I don't want to have an air quotes "fine life."

Had I stayed, I would have stayed in a comfortable spot. Likely moving in the direction that others would have suggested without giving my hopes, my dreams a fair shot!

Thankfully I listened to that small voice. You know, the one we ignore when we shouldn't. So instead of doing what is comfortable, I suddenly did what was risky. I left my job without knowing what my next step would be right away. I just knew that the first step was to QUIT.

And when I quit, I felt so much at peace. I left my job after giving 4 months notice. I helped out with as much as I could to make sure things were in a good place and the new folks would be successful running things when I left. Although I loved where I was, it was time to leave for me to grow.

I share that to say, sometimes we need to QUIT some things to get to the next phase of our lives. Our greatness is behind us quitting what may be holding us up. What we quit may not be an air quotes "bad thing," however it does hold us up from the next best thing on our journey.

So the question for you is: What do you need to quit?

It may not be your job...again quitting your job is not the ultimate answer (although it may be). However, think of what is holding you up? Is it people, habits, associations, etc.? Do some evaluating so you can start clearing out the things stopping you from moving ahead in your career or personal development.

Then, make a plan to help you maintain the decision you make to quit. Quitting spmething doesn't have to look ugly. It only looks ugly when we wait after knowing we should have let it go. So make the decision to quit whatever is holding up your life!

Happy quitting!