Who is on your A-Team?

You remember Mr. T on the A- Team? If not, I just dated myself! Although, I would never take on his fashion sense, I remember believing he was AWESOME as a kid! He just made things happen.

Mr. T was clearly an important part of the A-Team. He even had his on cereal! Which is definitely a mark of importance! However, without the rest of the A-Team, he was just Mr. T. No one would have been around to challenge him or calm him down, if necessary!

I realize more and more that I am only the person I am because of the phenomenal people that surround me! My circle of people make me life better, and help me stay on track.

They are not merely statues of fabulous people for the sake of having a fancy entourage. It is much more than that. I can be who I really am with them. I am challenged to become a better person because of them. I recognize the part each individual plays in my life, and I give them the space to play their unique role.

It is true what "they" say, whoever "they" is: Birds of a feather flock together. Who is in your flock?

I believe that everyone needs what I like to call an A-Team of people! A-Team represents the type of people that you should have in your flock. Let's start off with the "TEAM" elements, and then I will tell you the "A" element.


You have to be transparent and honest with who and where you are to grow. Therefore, you need people on your team that can display that same attribute in order to help you grow.


People that can lift you up when you are down is a necessity. We are not always at 100%. After getting feedback for improvement or being rejected after chasing after what we thought was our dream, you need people that can rally behind you with motivation and encouragement.


You want to be around accomplished people. When I say "accomplished,” it depends on what area of life you’re thinking about. For me, I want to be an internationally known speaker. So, when I meet people that I believe are great orators, I stay connected to them. When you see part of yourself in someone else, stay connected to them.

M- Mentor

YOU NEED A MENTOR. Everyone on your A-TEAM is not a mentor. It is important to identify a mentor and establish a formal mentor-mentee relationship with them. Figure out what you want to gain or learn from this person, and give them the space to mentor you in that area.

Now, we are all the back at "A", I wanted to address this last because I think it is the most important one! Your team should hold you...


You need folks on your team that won't let you fall through the cracks. Even if you fall through, and don't want to do anything else with your life, your team will hold that mirror up to remind you of what YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO!

Now, you have the chance to re-evaluate your team!