Happy New Life

According to Forbes, "studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them." Did you know that?! Well, obviously there is something wrong if 92% of folks setting goals are not following through. It's like we just get fired up, and then quickly fizzle. When I have found myself in the company of that 92%, it is usually because I was missing one or all of these four things: Clarity, Accountability, Strategy, and Positive Mindset. It is important to be ultra clear about what you actually want, adopt a plan to pursue what you want, get the accountability to remain consistent, and get out of your head! This is how you have a GREAT LIFE and not just a GREAT YEAR. Do you want more tips? Here are 3 ways you can begin living a great life:

1.Be Brave

Brave is defined as "endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear."

Fear can't hold you back if you don't let it hold you back. And although the definition says otherwise, it is normal to have fear when it's time to do something out of our comfort zone. What makes you brave is that you DO IT!

You have control of your life. Step out into the deep waters that you have been dreaming about exploring. God created you and placed things in your heart for only YOU to accomplish.

There is no time like NOW. Make a list of what you have been looking to begin. Set a date and time within the next 24 hours when you will make the first step. Not sure what the first step is? The second thing may help you. Read on:)

2. Be Bold

"Go start a rumor" -Desiree Cocroft

Now if you were not sure what the next step was before, now you do! Go start a rumor about what you plan to do in the next 24 hours!

Why? Because in this case, this rumor is true. Also, how can the needs you have be supplied if you keep your dream, aspirations, business ideas, etc to yourself? Additionally, who will hold you accountable if you never say anything?

Apparently not you! You still have not done anything!

It's time to be bold. Your job is to find 5 people you love and trust that also love and trust you that you can share this with that will HOLD you to it.

Don't worry about changing your mind. We all of the right to do that. Don't worry about the timeline to completing your aspiration. That can be adjusted as well. You have to get it out in the world first so provision for vision can hear you loud and clear!

3. Be You

Now if you know that who you are now is not in line with what you desire to be, then get to work on becoming that person now.

A person that desires to be a millionaire can not have broke people habits. A person that desires a faithful relationship can not practice unfaithful habits. I mean I guess you can, but that will be a temporary reality for yourself. If you desire a life that you have never had before and want to sustain that life, its time to be the YOU that you desire to be starting today!

The good news is you are not all bad! No one is! Neither is anyone perfect. It is with daily intention that we increasing grow to becoming more of the best of ourselves. It all starts with taking inventory. Make a list of 10 habits that you know serve you well and why the serve you well.

Then write a list of 10 habits that do not serve you well. I want you to take these lists and when you notice you are operating in a bad habit switch into one of you good ones. These are the first steps of moving forward. Acknowledgement and awareness. I look forward to seeing you stepping in to your next level personally and professionally. Happy New Life!