Get Clear

Lack of clarity is what can hold us back from living the life we desire. When we are unclear, we tend to be paralyzed. We have a fear of making a decision that may be wrong or we fear the timing is wrong. The fact is some of us are not unclear on our next steps. Some of us are just downright afraid to make a decision and take action on what we deep down already know. I have known for YEARS that I am called to be a speaker and coach. I have ALWAYS been drawn to create spaces for transformation for others. I have ALWAYS felt the excitement of seeing others transformed into their true selves because of their new found belief in themselves. However, I was afraid to step into this solely on my own. I hide behind organizations and other causes. That doesn't mean that the work is not meaningful. What it does mean is I struggled about stepping into my own work. I feared that I would not be received well because I was not part of a bigger organization or company. Some of us are afraid that we DO know the answer to what is next for our life and business. And our answer, because it is the right answer, means we have to actually "show up" and do the work. Or maybe you are totally clueless. Being clueless means you have not spent enough time in reflection. Because the answer is in you. The sad thing is, even after we reflect and get clear something creeps up on us to stop us in our tracks and suddenly we get indecisive AGAIN. Indecision can mask itself as a lack of clarity when we really did take the time to get clear. Our indecision can be flamed by, you guessed it, FEAR. Whether you realize it or not, your analysis paralysis is fueled by something that you are afraid of happening, or worse, not happening. So if you are unclear about something or are being indecisive, ask yourself the following:

  1. If I knew I would not fail, what would I pursue?

  2. What are all of my fears around pursuing this?

  3. What if all of my fears came true? Would I still feel called to this work?

See what comes up for you! Getting clear and convinced that what is in you (your calling, your purpose) is worth pursuing is half the battle. Get started by asking yourself the hard questions today! No more holding back your gift from the world. Now is the time! Rooting for you, and your life! Des P.S. If you are interested in learning how to re-connect with your personal mission to get out of your head and launch (or grow) the mission-driven business you have been wanting to see unfold, then what are you waiting for? Book a call with me today!

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