Get Clear and Say No

These last few weeks I have been presented with some AMAZING opportunities. I've received invitations to join some meaningful work with women, to speak at an event with middle and high school girls, to join a society of C-suite professionals and entrepreneurs, and even a job opportunity from a company in a different city! All of this felt initially very flattering! I almost gave in to giving more of my time to some of these opportunities, but something stopped me. That something is CLARITY. Perhaps you have the same types of invitations that come your way in your life and it sounds like... Someone wants you to lead a volunteer effort. You have the opportunity to get promoted. A friend wants you to partner with them on a business Idea. You are prospected to attend a graduated school in the fall. AND THE LIST GOES ON. You can say YES to all of this and be swimming in an ocean of what others see you doing. Or you can get really CLEAR about what your personal mission is right now. Get so clear that it will be easy to say NO to all of the "good" things happening, so you can make room to say YES to what truly matters most. Listen, clarity around your personal mission in life breeds the word NO! When you are clear, you can, with confidence, say NO to all of the great opportunities around you so you can get super focused on the YESES you have saved up for what you truly want to do and be! Self-Check Yourself: 1. What have I said YES to that should have been a no? 2. Why did I say YES? 3. How can I gracefully say NO to what is good, but is not a priority right now? Rooting for you, and your life! Des P.S. If you are interested in learning how to be more bold and clear about your life and business so you can monetize your mission in life, then what are you waiting for?! I have 3 spots available in my group coaching program that is aimed at helping you get clear and confident so you can actually move your life to higher heights of satisfaction, purpose, and wealth! If you want to be somewhere different in life this year, do something different NOW!