Use Your Time Wisely

With the times we are living in right now, it can feel like we should be just as still as the world is becoming. From less places to go for business or pleasure to more time indoors than outdoors (although we are on the brink of spring and good weather), we can live and remain in place of feeling stuck and complacent. It can feel like we are literally going no where! However, we don't have to be stuck! There is more time to think than there has been in a while with the way our lives are overwhelmed with so much stimulus on our phones, laptops, and everywhere else in between. I want to challenge you to use the time that you have now DIFFERENTLY than you may have up until this point. I challenge you to finish up some unfinished projects, pick up the book you have been meaning to read, start the business plan you have put off, or call that friend that has been on your mind the last couple of months. Use the time you have now more wisely than before. Choose to re-arrange your priorities so that you can focus on what is truly important. As you go about your day today, I want you to think about what do you want to accomplish, how do you want to show up better, and what do you truly want out of your life? The answer to those questions will guide how you need to spend your time over the next couple of weeks. When the world starts picking up traction, I want us all to start the game of life off BETTER than we were when everything slowed down! Rooting for you, and your life!