Mission Driven Life

Have you ever been that person drawn to pursuing this deep, inner desire that you just can't seem to shake? That would be me! When I was 17 years old I got my first job as a teen mentor. Lucky me! I felt like it was such a win to get PAID to be a mentor when most of my peers were working in the typical teenager spots like the mall, which I certainly was not oppose to! However, my teacher recommended this opportunity and I felt like it was a perfect fit. What can I say? I have always LOVED to help people become their best selves. It has been something so ingrained into my being. Therefore, as a young naive high school senior, I was given the grand responsibility of mentoring, speaking, facilitating and creating large and small group workshops for kids from 9-16 years old! We explored self-esteem, decision making, goal-setting, and the list goes on! Obviously, I was straight HOOKED! I was convinced that there was no way I could do anything else with my life or my time except helping others fulfill their fullest potential. I mean not just a little bit, but by a WHOLE LOT. See, I desire to see you and anyone I have the ability to influence be the BIGGEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES! Yes, even in the times that we are in I still have that deep inner desire that I again.. can't seem to shake! So here I am being my full self, and here you are allowing me the privilege to impart in you! It is my desire to make this email, newsletter, blog, or whatever you would like to refer to it as something that is worthwhile to the success of your life, leadership, and business. I am living out my life's mission, and it is my hope that you are as well. And like you, I experience rough patches and need some tips and encouragement to know there is someone that understands. It's always nice to know that there is light at the end of this tunnel called life! Regardless of what is going on in the world or your life at the moment, it is my hope that you are saying a huge YES to that bigger version of you, and making the decision to live a Mission Driven Life each day with all the fails and celebrations that come with it! Here are two questions you can address to make sure you show up for that BIGGER YOU you really want to see:

1. Think about what you really want to do with you life. If time and money were not an issue, how would you spend your time each day? The answer to this question can reveal what your values are and how you want to spend your time.

2. What have you thought about and never pursued because your thought it was not possible for you? This may be a long list or a short one. Either way, it can help you unearth what you desire to pursue personally and professionally.

Now go and be great!