You Can Be Certain

There are a lot of things to be uncertain about these days. Am I right, or am I right? Although there are lots to be unsure about now, we are never in a place where there are perfect conditions. Preferred, yes. Perfect, no. So, sure there are definitely times that lend to being more predictable, safe, and comfortable to do some of what we desire in life and business. However, that is not a perfect condition, it is convenient and preferred. Perfection is a myth. The one thing that you have 100% control over is your ability to decide how you want to respond to whatever conditions exist. You can be certain of what you are willing to do to achieve what you desire. That my friend, you can be very certain of not only now, but for a lifetime. I want to encourage you to get CERTAIN of what you WILL do. Regardless of what is happening in the world right now, what is it that you are willing to do with laser focus and fidelity? What is that? What is the area you want to make a priority? No worries. I am not here to "priority shame". There is no one area of focus better than another regardless of your leadership position or financial situation. It is not for me or anyone to dictate what priority should be right now. Actually, it is your job to do the work, to dig deep and decide what the heck can you get yourself to stand on with confidence and fortitude?! Each day we are listening for the world to tell us how to live and move to the point that, if we aren't careful, we are paralyzing our ability to focus on what matters to us most in life and business. I want to challenge YOU to make a decision about something that YOU will choose to do in order to SHIFT your OWN life regardless of what happens next. In the space of personal decision, we can be certain of what we choose to commit to. Here are some steps you can take to get on the path of being certain: 1. Spend some time envisioning what is possible for whatever area of life comes up as most important to you right now. 2. Jot your thoughts down. 3. From what you wrote down, what is the one thing that you can start doing right now to get you closer to that vision. 4. Can you quantify the outcome of that vision? Is it in money, time, pages, pounds, etc.? You need to know what complete looks like and break it down in small milestones. 5. Map out your milestones from when you want to see your goal accomplished to today's date. Move forward by working backwards! 6. Start a rumor with an accountability partner. Tell them what you are about to do and invite them to hold you to it. 7. Get to work! Simple right?! It always seems that way. I can hear some of you now. "Oh, that's it? I know how to set goals." The reality is we don't always pursue what we SAY we want to pursue. And if we are honest, it is not always about "uncertain" times. We are "uncertain" if we actually want to do the work to get what we desire. It's time to get certain. It is time to decide that you will have the health, relationships, success, influence, wealth, family, and the life you truly want. Get certain today!