Times Feeds Fear

Have you noticed that the things that you know you need to do most get put off? Perhaps you are putting off working on a project or making a big ask to a new or existing client. If you answered yes, you have met the sidekick to our worse enemy called, "Procrastination"! Procrastination is rooted in fear. It is rooted in the fear of failing, being rejected, or the like. The more we wait and sit on what are to pursue, the more excuses we created. Somehow we feel like it is never the right time or enough time. You know why? It's because TIME FEEDS FEAR. However, avoidance is not the anwer. We get to face our fears to achieve our desired success. If we are to reach the level of success that we desire, rejection, failure and whatever else may be gripping us with fear and paralysis are necessary. No one person, organization, team, project, or business has ever been great without, you guessed it, messing something up! No risk. No reward. What is something that you have been "meaning" to do or accomplish lately? Do you really want to see it happen like you say you do? Listen: The longer you wait for it, the more excuses you create, the more you fuel your fear fire, and the less likely you will do it. Here are 3 tips to get you over the hump, and into action! 1. Take one step. As soon as you think of said project or aspiration, just do one step. You may find that once you do one thing, you will begin to spend more time working on it. Doing one small step can be a great way to gain momentum. 2. Get accountability. Who knows what you want to do? Tell someone. Someone that you trust that you will allow to hold you down in the area you want to pursue. Let them know what you are willing to do in the next 24 hours to make a move on what you desire to accomplish. 3. Remember your why. Why the heck do you want to accomplish what you are thinking of pursuing? What is your why? Post it somewhere visibly. Say it aloud. Get really clear about your intent. Now go and be great!