Drink Your Confidence Juice

In March of 2019, I ran my first half marathon. You would think anyone daring to run more than a block must feel pretty confident about what they intend to do. As for me, I never saw myself running 13.1 miles. Yes, the .1 matters! Ok, ok. I ran 3 miles or 5ks before, but no more than that. I put a cap on how far I would be willing to run. I would look at anyone else as runner extremists! When marathons, 10k races, and half marathons would come up, my thought would be naw! Yes, naw not no. Naw is far more real in displaying how completely adverse I was about completing said task. I wondered for all those years why I had been so against running this far and why now all of a sudden I thought I had the juice! You know the juice, that boost of confidence you get when you decide to have the courage to take something on? You get fired up and ready knowing that you are about to kill it! Well, for the next four months I had to make that “juice” everyday. I talked myself into what I needed to do to accomplish my goal of finishing a half marathon with a 10 minute mile average! And each day that I trained, even the days that I didn’t feel like doing it, was another day that taught me that I was actually doing something that I once thought was impossible for me. The definition of confidence according to Oxford Dictionary is a noun and means the following:

  1. the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something;

  2. firm trust.the state of feeling certain about the truth of something;

  3. a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

Confidence comes from the Latin word “Confidere” which means “full of trust.” You see confidence is a noun. It is a thing to possess. It is something that we get to acquire and make it part of who we are. Many people identify themselves as confident, while others may describe possessing confidence in certain aspects of life. In that season, I had to identify myself as a confident runner. I actually used past events that I accomplished to help me convince myself over and over that I could indeed trust that I was able to achieve my goal of completing the half marathon. As a result, I developed a sense of power. Did you drink your juice today? Or have you forgotten how to create it? Here are 3 tips to create your confidence juice: 1. Think of things you have already accomplished. Take notes about what you did to accomplish those things. What characteristics did you possess to accomplish you goals? 2. Get to learning something new. Learning new skills help increase our confidence when we are unsure of ourselves. Take a class or workshop to help sharpen your skills. 3. Get over perfection. Maybe you are not confident because you think something has to be perfect or you can not pursure it. Write down 3 reasons why perfection is not possible and give yourself permission to take a stab at what you want to do! Now drink your juice and tackle what you dream to do!