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About Me 


I am not your everyday executive life and leadership coach. No typical goal setting here. I believe our inside world dictates our outside results. 

As early as 17 years old, I have always felt the tug to empower others to be the unique and successful person they see in their mind and heart. I started with young children, then teens, then college students, and now leaders and professionals. Although I still adore pouring into young people, my heart is currently with leaders, specifically women of color that have been in leadership for a while and in the fast lane of achievement. 

I love helping that group slow down to go fast in the new direction they are called to move into. And in this time of their life, there is not as much to “do”. It is more about who the now want to “be”. 

This is not about age. My first business was built at 24. And if we want to get technical, about 3rd grade is when I had a lemonade stand on the weekends lol. I’ve had multiple shifts along the way and each time it was about being aware of who I am and what was possible for me to to possess. And so, I welcome you to position yourself open and ready to receive the life you know you are meant to have. 

And I would be honored to have a small part to play in helping you do just that!

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Desiree is an international keynote speaker and consultant. She is ICF PCC certified in Life and Leadership Executive Coaching, along with additional training in cultural competency, executive coaching, and strengths-based coaching from the Academy of Creative Coaching and the CAPP Institute. Desiree is the host of her own podcast, Get Your Life Today, and her expertise has also been featured on Forbes, The Gifters Podcast, Exposed the Podcast, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, and the PowHer Network. She is also an award-winning author of "Get Your Life Today, 7 Success Hacks for Life, Leadership, and Business" and former Milwaukee Business Journal 40 Under 40 who has appeared on stages for TEDx, Johnson Controls, Marquette University, the African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin, and more. 

In addition to all that she does, Desiree is a contract consultant with FranklinCovey, where she has trained over 30,000 leaders in their education division each year in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, trust, leadership development, and strategically achieving organizational goals. In her free time, she volunteers as the co-founder and board chair of a six-figure nonprofit called Signature Dance Company in Milwaukee, WI, where she dances occasionally, but mostly fundraises and mentors other young women. She lives in Maryland and enjoys brunch on a regular while making time to visit with friends and family!

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